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    Blocking out the haters 

    Vine by Brandon Bowen

    He’s orange

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  2. That moment you try to help the ppl you care about… @slcshredder618 #prayfordylan

    That moment you try to help the ppl you care about… @slcshredder618 #prayfordylan

  3. "I do not sing the old songs: the new ones are the winners, and a young Zeus is king today."

    The earliest surviving “new music manifesto” as written in 420 B.C. by Timotheus of Miletus. More here.

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    To which the old musicians replied: “Timotheus is like a man who lays siege to his own city. He built up the walls yet now he causes them to be cast down.”

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    Timotheus relentlessly on-the-money

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another flyer


    another flyer

  5. criterioncast:

    A look at Connor Willumsen’s interior artwork for the upcoming Criterion Collection release of David Cronenberg’s Scanners

    Order from Barnes & Noble at 50% off

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    this sort of magic shouldn’t exist

  7. 124:

Undercover SS 2015


    Undercover SS 2015

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